Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ethiopia, by way of Paris....

I haven't had much time for blogging - seems like I have just enough time for a quick tweet here and there....but it's 4am and Selah and I are both wide awake, so here goes...

We left Friday, Jan 23rd from Springfield Airport. Nana and the girls sent us off - I didn't realize what terrible packers we were until I saw us dragging all of those suitcases through the parking lot - ugh!! 2 BIG checked bags for each of us (1 for Selah and 1 full of donations), and 2 carryons.

After a connection in O'hare, we flew all night to Paris....okay, so my rationalization in all of this is that Lufthansa required a layover in Frankfurt, and if we were going to be in Europe, I at least wanted to get off the plane!! So for a few extra dollars for taxes and a hotel, we hopped over to Paris for 2 nights!! We arrived at 6am on Saturday, and though we were exhausted, we knew we had limited time in the City of Love! Our hotel was just a few blocks from the Eiffel Tower, so we walked to tourist-central and spent the morning on a double-decker tour bus, seeing Notre Dame, the Seine River, snoozing a bit from time to time, and getting a feel for the city.

Our 2nd day in Paris, we decided to tackle the Metro - a little frightening at first - but pretty self-explanitory once we got on. We headed to Montmartre to attend church services at Sacre Coeur. We walked all 254 historic steps to the top, and enjoyed sitting though the beautiful service...okay, it was all in French, and I don't understand alot of the Catholic stuff to begin with, but in a beautiful place like that, it's almost impossible not to be in awe of God, regardless!! After church, we walked through the painter's square - artists set up on the street painting and selling their work. We had our portrait done together by a street artist, ate crepes from a street vendor....ahh....a totally parisean day!!

Saw several more things on the tourist circuit - St. Chappelle (on the great recommendation of my friend, Melissa!!), Notre Dame, ate dinner at an outdoor cafe, and hit the sack early for our 4am shuttle to the airport. It was the perfect way to see lots of the city and not totally wear ourselves out!!

And a couple pics from our hotel - the vacuum-hairdryer and itsy-bitsy elevator!!


Missy said...

What a great trip!! We hope to take a few days to relax on the way over, too! Glad you had fun!!!

Carole Turner said...

Hey, Just read your comment on my blog. I contacted the African Student Union at LSU and told them what I needed and they had Daniel contact me. If your University has an African Student Union, I would start there.

God Bless. Carole