Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ethiopia Day 5

We took a drive up to one of the highest peaks overlooking Addis Ababa, about 9,000 ft above sea level, where the original Emperor's Palace remains, along with one of the historic Ethiopian Orthodox Church (the brightly colored building). Having spent some time with the Russian Orthodox Church a few summers ago, it was interesting to visit the church's museum and understand a little more about the relationship between the church and the Emperor in Ethiopia.

The Seays had warned us that the Lion Zoo wasn't going to be quite as exciting as what we're used to in the US, but it was a nice 1st outing with Selah...Adoptive families are encouraged to not go out in public with adopted children unless necessary, so this was one of our few trips out with Selah while we were there. Because we had been encouraged to be "culturally sensitive", I was hyper-aware of the people around us and their reactions to seeing the 3 of us together. People certainly looked, but we were met mostly with smiles. About 6 lions, a few monkeys, some birds, and a fish pond were good for a 30 minute trip to the zoo!

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