Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A staple of the Ethiopian diet is Injera. It's kinda like a sourdough pancake that's served at most meals. We were usually given injera to lay out on the plate before other stew-like foods are put on top. More rolls of injera are then used to pick up or mop up the food. The amazing cooks at the House of Hope made LOADS of Injera while we were there, and on the last day, they taught us how!!

I was talking with some of the other HOH workers when Todd insisted I come and take a picture of the Injera he made...I'm pretty sure something was said like, "she said it's the best injera she's ever seen - - so she thought I should get a picture!!" I rushed over with the camera and was totally impressed....until I remembered that the cook doesn't speak I'm not sure how that conversation really happened!!


Howard Kang said...

Yay! Go delicious food.

I LOVE YOU said...


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