Sunday, February 15, 2009

Favorite Photos

Driving up the mountain to Entoto we saw many of Ethiopia's working women - - walking up or down the road with huge loads of Eucalyptus branches on their backs. They cut them in the mountain, and then walk them to town to sell. There are some young women doing it, but the majority of women we saw were old women, weathered skin and worn shoes. It was amazing the loads they would be carrying....

It's interesting that in Ethiopia, if you take pictures of a donkey-herder or an old woman, it's expected that you would pay them for that. When one of our friends snuck a picture from the van window, he got a finger-wagging from an old woman. On our way down the mountain, we stopped the van and I paid this woman about $2 (20 birr)to take her picture while she rested.


emily welch said...

wow.. i really like this shot.. very nice.. $2 was worth it!

The Williams Family Blog said...

hey, just wanted to say hi and again...we so loved actually meeting you 2! glad you made it home safe....i am enjoying the pics and may steal your idea when i begin to post mine (-:

love ya!