Saturday, March 12, 2005

Drew Hibbard is my hero!!

Thanks to Drew for helping me figure out how to fix my can now return to normal, as I go back to being CSF's version of Cynthia Thompson, mailing out frequent emails to uncaring students who have my emails direct deposited into the trash.....

I'm having a great they were meant to be....lounging, playing with the kids, and later we're off to see The Incredibles so Todd can share his love of Super Heroes with the girls!

CSF last night was awesome....focused worship, everyone was more relaxed (or relieved) ....Todd got us pumped for Rez Week....everyone's working hard to get ready.....if you're not involved yet, be looking for an email this week (remember to check your junk file!) about all the different ways to get involved beginning on Sunday night, March 20th.....

You have a Mission!!

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