Friday, March 11, 2005

"Spring" break

So it's the beginning of Spring Break at UIS, and it's SNOWING!! Ugh.
Not that it matters, because we really don't get a break this year...LLCC, UIS, and Rochester schools all have different weeks, so we pretty much just have to stick around here. I guess that's not so bad....but SNOW???

Talked to Erin in England this morning...they made it safe and sound with no problems...have fun girls!!

Our email isn't working and it's driving me crazy....I think I'm still receiving most of my emails, but I can't reply or write new emails because it says "this message could not be sent because connecting to the server failed. The server may be unavailable or is refusing this connection"....ugh.....please contact my network administrator? that would be my brother who's way too busy to fix my computer...

Anybody who knows how to fix this, please contact me....but don't expect me to email you back.

The Edge is tonight...can't wait to see all of those relieved college students who are done with mid-terms!! And, my friends from church are cooking a Mexican Fiesta for dinner - woo hoo!!

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