Saturday, March 26, 2005

Twas the Night Before Easter

What a great day! Since the Passover Meal is fresh in my mind, I've kinda felt like one of those Jewish families, preparing for a big feast, all day long trying to take opportunities to talk to the girls about why we're doing certain Aldi, having to remind the girls that our family doesn't make Easter about Meijer (yeah, alot of shopping today) talking about wearing our Easter Best to celebrate Jesus' resurrection....coloring Easter eggs and talking about ways to decorate them to symbolize new life.....making Empty Tomb cookies and using the different ingredients to re-tell the Easter's been a great day....and it will be an even greater tomorrow!!

Anyone who doesn't have family to eat're invited to the Magruders at Noon!! (Scratch that....come at 1:30 to eat!!)

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Pete said...

"Empty Tomb" cookies? Those poor, poor children.