Saturday, April 23, 2005

: ings :

listening: NPR's Whadya Know? and Saturday morning cartoons in the background

reading: Do You Think I'm Beautiful? (I know, still!!) by Angela Thomas; Family Fun and Discipleship Journal

wanting: a new(used) bicycle

thinking: I wish it was sunny....what am I going to do on a dreary, cold day??

wishing: I'd suddenly be motivated to exercise and eat healthy

feeling: restless, lazy, disappointed in the weather, tired from a great CSF concert last night

loving: my husband, who is cleaning out the basement at this very moment

missing: by good friends who are moving away, graduating, or leaving for the summer

pondering: who I'm going to be in 5 years

reveling: in my funny, frustrating, amazing girls!!


Drew Hibbard said...

Sitting: in the Media Lab in Brookens Library

Breathing: this stale inside air wishing I was outside and it was 80 again

Waiting: for the Cubs game to come on at 1

Knowing: that in 5 years, Gretchen will definitely be 5 years older.

Nanette said...

listening: to the festivities involved in St. George's Day (kind of similar to Ireland and St. Patrick's Day)

reading: Fresh-Brewed Life (again), Matthew 5, Romans

wanting: to see my neice

thinking: how nice it was to go to the beach today--to look at the ocean again; how lucky to have this whole opportunity and experience (I saw King Arthur's Round Table today!!)

wishing: I had gotten more of this work done over Spring Break

feeling: growing pains--inside and out, loved, expectant

loving: my friends who always seem to be there at just the right times; my family

missing: my senior year, UIS and everything/one I associate with it

pondering: what it'll be like to live in the states again