Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sappy Send-offs...

So last night was our last EDGE of the semester.....for those of you wondering if I'm going to have an emotional breakdown this summer at the loss of so many great students and great friends....don't worry....I think I'm okay (despite the blubbering last night!!).

Todd and I were talking about why this year is harder than any other to say goodbye to...and for some reason it just hit me that this is our first 4-year class. This is the first group we've seen come in as Freshmen and graduate as Seniors. Usually we have students for 2 years and they're gone...not as much time to get attached, to go deep, to see growth....

But this group started with my first Freshman Bible Study.

I saw this group really grow up - spiritually, emotionally, intellectually. They came in as 18 year old kids and are leaving as mature adults (mostly!).

This group's been around long enough to know my secrets. to know my weaknesses and my struggles.

It's kind of a blurry line between student and friend. Somewhere between Freshman Move-Ins and Leaders Meetings that line disappeared.

I guess this is good training for worry, pray, counsel, laugh alot....and then they leave. That's life.

Oh crap....Where's the kleenex box?


Michael Tosh said...

It was 4 years ago at Lincoln Land Community College a girl name Katie Lee started harrashing me about a group called Christian Student Fellowship at LLCC...from there I learned about Christian Student Fellowship at UIS...that changed my life. I am going to miss everyone alot...

but for every person that goes away I remember next year new people will come and new friendships will form...after all I am going to be a High School teacher so I better get used to it!

After all even if I never hear from anybody that leaves again...I remember that when I go to see the Lord...that everyone I know now will be with me there! CSF Worship is Awsome, but I don't think we have seen anything yet!

So this is not Goodbye, but I will See you all time!

God Bless

a moore said...

Too cool Gretchen! I'm excited about that and I don't even know these people. I might would vaguely consider shedding one or two tears over that myself.

E-Dawg :) said...

Change is hard. I'm right there with you Gretchen. And I've only had two years with these guys!

By the way, I'm noticing that I'm always E-Dawg on your posts! That's funny! :-D