Saturday, May 07, 2005

Chocolate Fountain Buzz

I've found it.

From time to time, my friend Natalie and I discuss ways we could use our gifts, talents, and interests to earn money.....for years we've been tossing around this idea of throwing specialty birthday parties for kids and marketing it to those rich parents who will pay whatever it costs to give their daughter that "Fairy Princess Party" or "Little Lady Tea Party".....

But I've found the idea that's gonna really take off.

Chocolate Fountains.

They had one at the graduation party I was at tonight.....just like one of those punch fountains, but instead of sprite and fruit punch, it was warm, delicious, gourmet chocolate pouring out from the top in sheets.....guests chose from plates of Marshmallows, Strawberries, Pineapple, Rice Krispy Treats, Pretzels, and other stuff to dunk in the fountain of yummy chocolate.

So I'm talking to these women who are obviously with the fountain and they tell me that this is all they do....just the chocolate catering, no desserts, no party planning....they bring the fountain, the chocolate and the skewers, set it all up, and assist awe-struck first-timers (like me).

And the flier they had sitting out said their packages start at $330.oo


for Chocolate.

Surely there's a market in Springfield for this, don't you think?!

On the other hand, I'd probably be as big as a house if I had that kind of access to chocolate.....

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Jonathan said...

You know that there is not a single chocolate fountain in all of Northeast Africa? I think your market is here. Wedding season just started and Independence Day is only two weeks away! What a great way to celebrate fourteen years of absolute freedom and democracy!