Friday, June 17, 2005

church camp

Today Sarah Jane goes to church camp for the very first time. This is HUGE. It's called "First Chance Camp" and it's just Friday and Saturday. Overnight. I told you, it's HUGE.

I'm going to work as a counselor there, which makes it a little less nerve-racking for Sarah Jane, but there are still lots of questions and concerns:

"What if I can't carry my food tray and my drink at the same time?"

"Do I have to do my own hair?"

"What if I can't sleep with all of those kids in the room?"

Our first overnight....ahhhhh......

Sophia, on the other hand, who gets to come out just for this afternoon until Todd gets off work, says, "I'm going off the diving board without water wings and I'm gonna do 2 flips into the pool!!"

Anybody have tips for a successful church camp experience?


L-Ray said...

no tips from me... my first church camp lasted two days... it was suppose to be week though. I was an odd child and in the 4th grade I never wanted to be away from mommy and daddy. I remember i made it through the first night at camp and then next day we got up and had to go to our first service.. I started to cry about half way through and some counselors came and got me and took me back to talk to me (thinking perhaps I had made a big life decision) NOPE! I jsut wanted my mom and dad! so they let me call home and my mom came and got me, and my friends mom came with her because she knew if i was coming home that she would want to come home too. so yea don't ask me for church camp advice! lol

Shannon said...

Bedtime is always the hardest at First Chance. When I dean, we have a "slumber party" to make bedtime more fun. I have the female counselors bring nail polish and hair ties etc. . . we usually play some madlib type game then once they're in bed we bring books, lots of books and read them to sleep. It usually helps make nighttime a little more fun.