Friday, September 02, 2005


I can't stand it. I had to turn off the radio this morning after hearing about 20 minutes on NPR about the devastation in New Orleans. It's SO awful. I feel sick.

And I'm struck by how inadequate prayer seems to me right now. I want to DO something, help someone.....and all I can think to do is pray.

Even as the Community of CSF....I'm thinking, how can we help? what can we do?? raise money? collect stuff? go down there?

And all I hear is that there's nothing someone like me can do...donate money...but right now, that's it.

And pray.

And it feels like "just praying" isn't enough.

But the reality is that GOD is the only one who can make this situation better. GOD is the one who refines with fire. GOD can move the hearts of people to serve their neighbor and feed the hungry and house the homeless. GOD brings hope to a hopeless situation.

There is nothing I can do.

So I pray...not as a last resort...because there's nothing else to do...I pray because it's the ONLY thing to do...the very best thing to do.

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Anonymous said...

So often we want to run and fix any situation, but God is always telling us - RUN TO ME! I think everyone feels helpless right now but through prayer I am confident God will tell you if he wants you to go! Ahhh... listening doesn't come easy.

Love you