Sunday, October 16, 2005

Random Shirts

So you may have noticed the awkward introduction of blatant advertising under my profile above.....I have all sorts of feelings about commercialism and it's inappropriate place in these, my most important, sacred thoughts.....

okay, I laughed, too.....

So, some of our students decided that working with Random Shirts.Com would be a great way to raise some money for our Spring Break Mission Trip this March!!

Most of their shirts are only $10, and they're some of the same stuff I've seen in the trendy Mall stores (which will go unmentioned....mostly because I'm not cool enough to remember the name of the trendy trust me, I actually went into one of the stores, and before they threw me out for not being cool enough, I saw a couple of the same t-shirts). So, when you spend $10 on a t-shirt for each of your siblings, cousins, roommates, grandmas, cafeteria workers, etc., CSF will get $2 per shirt to go towards the Mission Trip!! Just make sure you use this link so CSF gets credit!

Check it your Christmas early, buy's for a good cause!!

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