Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Collective Poetry

Okay, we're going to do a little experiment.....some reflective, interactive, collaborative poetry/journaling about what God's doing on campus. I'll give you a direction, and you contribute....this is serious (mostly), and requires participation, so all of you stalkers (Hillary!)need to respond. But I have an idea of who reads this, so if you don't respond I might have to call you out....(yeah, that's a challenge...)

ex: Stretching our patience with eachother, Stretching my checkbook, etc.

ex: Revealing Sin, Revealing treasure, etc.

ex: More than Religion, More love, More students, etc.

ex: Surprising us with joy, Surprising transformations, etc.

ex: persistent athlete's foot, persistent pursual, etc.

ex: Just keep going, Just Pete, etc.


Shelly said...

Stretching my time

Revealing his love

More than just CSFers

Surprising friends

Persistant-ly seeking us

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

JK said...

Stretching my legs after the drive

Revealing a sunset covered before by clouds

More music, more music, more music!

Surprising side-step, tripping a bit

Persistent knocking, He doesn't give up

just -ified by the opened door,

let Him in.