Saturday, November 19, 2005

CSF Alumni

We've had some great visits with CSF alumni recently....Mark Fishel was back from Prague for a visit and has spent some time with us (including going to the Tacky Prom!)....And Mark and Kim K. were here with their kids yesterday. Mark and Kim live in El Paso, Texas and work with Casas por Cristo. Other alumns, Rodney R. and Jeremy F. also joined us for a little mini-reunion.

I love it when alumni come back to visit! It helps to confirm all of those memories I have of close community and intimate relationships that are built in campus ministry - we really were close....God really diddo something special in that group of students....the Koons reminded us of lengthy discussions about the tandem bicycle t-shirt (anyone remember?!), and that Apryl's daughter, Gabrielle was in Kindergarten when she lived on campus (Gabrielle is a freshman in high school now!!)....The study buddy group of Rodney and Kim and Dave Peeler...making 500 sugar cookies to give out at Valentine's Day in the Koons itsy-bitsy apartment.....

CSF has changed quite a bit since those days....but I'm so grateful for those students who were with us back in the beginning. I think they got to see Todd and I grow up just as much as we saw them grow up.

So for those of you who are csf "old timers"....keep in touch!! And for those of you who are in the middle of it....after you graduate, don't forget to call or write or blog once in awhile!!

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