Monday, January 30, 2006

Okay, so here was my day (and I know that's why you all tune in every day, right? Because my days are so exciting?!):

I went to Super Wal-Mart. I needed a cheap watch that beeps on the hour. And an oil change. Why not do them at the same place?! I'll tell you why.....I waited there for 4 hours!. I know, some of you are thinking I got what I deserved for shopping at Sin Mart. God thought this was really funny because I told him that today would be different and that my reactions and my attitudes would be like after 2 1/2 hours had passed and the 14 year old girl working behind the counter told me there will still 5 cars in front of me, I smiled, thanked her, and sat back down in the smelly, cramped waiting room with a mom and her very unhappy 2 year old.

Erin and Jeremy Fenelon came over - Jeremy was taking a look at our car to see if he could help get it running better...thanks guys!! There's some problem with radiator fluid leaking out, but I don't mind because I got to spend a little time with my girl, Erin. It was so nice - like being with family.....and then it was time for....

Freshman Small Group!!! It's gonna be great this semester, and it's Shana's birthday today!! Happy Birthday!!

Full, busy day. But I'm so thankful for the people God put around me to help me keep my eyes fixed on Him!!

Erin, one of these days I'll be your BSF Buddy (I think someone wrote that in my yearbook once...)


JK said...


Is that like, Big Smelly Foot buddy?



dlaz said...

just kick your car if you want it to work.

wait...i already did.


yeah and what is BSF?

gretchen lee said...

Bible Study Fellowship.....

oh, I don't know how to do a link on here....but look at

Anonymous said...

aww... I love you gretchen! Every time we get together it makes me miss you more and more. I love hearing about your life and learning from you and watching your kids grow. I remember when Sarah was in your belly! yikes - I am really dating myself!

I had fun last night and I LOVE YOUR FAMILY!

love you girl