Thursday, January 26, 2006


Todd and I have been getting SO excited about vision, as we've been thinking about where CSF is going and re-thinking why we do what we do all-together.

First, we see God working: God has been doing such amazing, encouraging things in our midst....creating this close-knit community of students, putting students in places of influence, like RAs, Computer techs, Admissions and Registration workers......God has been opening up opportunities for relationships with people in the Chancellor's office....Even in the frustrating environment of LLCC, we're seeing pockets of Community forming among students - something only God could do, as we have been failing miserably at it!

Second, we see a need: When I went to college, I would guess that at least 2/3 of my peers had at least had some exposure to Christianity during their childhood....went to church on holidays, maybe regularly attended a church, went to religious school, or went to a youth group with a friend.....most people I knew had heard the basic stories of Jesus. They just chose to rebel or experiment or enjoy their freedom in college. I think things are very different now. There are significant numbers of students at UIS who have no idea who Jesus is. There are even more students who only have a 2nd-hand view of Jesus that's been distorted by a bad church experience or the media or a professor....students are hurting, searching, questioning.....students are in crisis...they need someone who wants to know them, someone who will ask them about their life and their worries, someone who has found hope....

My vision is often limited to what I can accomplish on my own. I'm great at planning and organizing and keeping things moving. But, what does GOD want to happen at UIS. Certainly, He isn't interested in status quo or programs. Surely His goals are higher than simply breaking attendance records or planning good events or having a slick web page.

So here's the question: When God looks at UIS and LLCC, what is HIS vision for what it could look like? What is HIS vision for our Community? For The EDGE? For our plans and activities?

I'm praying for God to blow my little make my vision broader and deeper and wider.

I don't know how He'll do it, but how is never a problem for God. How is God's specialty. All he needs is the who.

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erinlizabeth said...

i'm getting pretty excited...can't wait for catalyst tomorrow

i love you!