Monday, April 24, 2006

Hair Intervention

So, thanks to all of you who were so concerned about my friend Erin F. actually did a Hair Intervention this morning and told me I was getting my hair cut TODAY with her girl, Jenny, at KM Hair!! I drug my feet a little, but here's the new, funky me!!

Sarah Jane came in the door and said it hurt her eyes....

She's just not used to her mom being so funky.

Thanks, Erin!!!!


jeremy said...

Okay, where is the real picture of G?
Looks great!


erin said...

Hot Mamma!
Isn't Jenni the best! She is so fun and does amazing hair. If you have trouble after you wash it and try to do it just call her and she will have you come back and show you how to do it. She wants full satisfaction from her clients!
Love you girl - I am praying for you this week!

Tammy said...

Nice! Look at that sassy girl!

erinlizabeth said...

you're amaaazing...
just thought i'd share :-D

oh, and you're, uh, done, aren't you? YAY! :-D