Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The pace of the last week has been ridiculous....we had a Princess Party at the church, progressive bachelorette party for Heather, the wedding rehearsal, violin recital, wedding, and a family reunion all in the last week. It was all so much fun and I'm reminded of what a great life I have - amazing husband and kids, great family and friends!!

We're off again this week to the Campus Minister's retreat in Indiana where Gary Thomas will be the main speaker (author of Sacred Pathways, The Glorious Pursuit, etc). We're taking the girls out of school, packing up our bikes and hiking shoes, and looking forward to a peaceful, perfect week!

Before we leave, here are a few pictures of the last week's events:

The girls were each announced with trumpet fanfare as they entered the Princess Party with their moms

Pre-wedding festivities.....


a moore said...

Does that mean you are going to come and see us this weekend?

flowergirl said...

I'm dying for a wedding picture!!!! Is anyone going to post it??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!