Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Job Posting:

I contacted some of my good friends who have been involved in the political scene over the years to ask them to keep an eye out for opportunities for me if I wanted to get back in on a part-time basis....I started getting nostalgic about those late-nights at campaign headquarters, being called into the office to do voice-overs for campaign commercials, walking precincts, talking to constituents about policy issues or problems they were having with state agencies....teaching American Gov't at LLCC for my teaching internship and getting so excited about teaching about the Judicial Branch.....

...and one friend brought me back to reality with this amazing job opportunity:

I have an opening in my office. However, because I want to remain in
some kind of civilized communication with your family, I am loathe to
mention it.

As will all others you will thank me at first and then you will come to
hate the job and those who ensnared you in the hideous grasp of state
government. You will come to see me as some kind of source of your pain
and associate the two in your mind.

These people have driven me, a formerly self-motivated, self-reliant,
god-fearing, intellectually curious, strong-willed (yet solution
oriented) individual to the brink of insanity. I am sure they can do the
same for you?

It would probably be in the 30-36k range if you worked full time (they
might bring you in at the top in plus? If you have a masters. More
likely you will be seen as a threat by the ignorant and weak minded).
Part of it would be for a weekly newsletter, some analysis work, and
babysitting the assistant director whose senility is no longer, merely
just theory.

Job is heavy on written English, deduction and patience skills for those
who are not qualified to shine your shoes or slop your hogs and are
completely lacking in real world skills. Many of them have never been
able to hold down a real job outside of government. Do not be surprised
if you have to deal with people who have never had an original thought
in their life, but will recognize when you have one and try to crush
your spirit so that you don't look good to the boss.

The assistant director's method of motivation is to bore the heck out of
you, make you read along with her, or drone on about subjects she has
absolutely no idea about.

The director is incredibly hostile and narcissistic and thinks that
screaming and rude behavior is her right as a director. She would have
been sued out of her job years ago if she worked in the private sector.

I have others who tell me I have it pretty good here, but I cant really
see it since I am submerged in an ocean of illogical, logic and mind
numbing minutia. On a positive note for you, they and most of management
are bed wetting liberal democrats who usually protect their own.

Let me know?

hmmm....I'll have to think about it......

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