Saturday, July 29, 2006

Old School CSF Reunion

We had a great night with some of the early CSF'ers last night....Mark Fishel and Jay Davis were both back from the Czech Republic, and Mark and Kim Koon were visiting from El Paso, TX, so we took the opportunity to gather as many locals as possible.

It's been 10 year since most of these guys were students and we're all very different than we were in college.....and very much the same...


jeremy said...

We wish we could've been there so much!
It looks like it was a great time.

Jeremy and Erin Fenelon

flowergirl said...

yay!!! i wish I could have been there I see some familiar faces...chris, emily, tad, hannah...mark...your sweet girls (and sweet husband too!) :-)

bet you are excited that school is starting up again soon!

love, misty