Friday, July 07, 2006


We've been biking alot this summer.....this week we bought Sophia a big-girl bike (she was so excited about having a kick-stand) because we realized she had to pedal at the speed of light to keep up with us (which, by the way, she did with no problem!). Our summer goal is to bike from Rochester to the Department of Transportation in Springfield on the Lost Bridge Trail. We've gotten about 3.5 miles and back so far.

I was struck by how different our girls are as I peddled behind them....

Sophia is the leader....We let her lead because she likes to go faster than the rest of us, and because she's kind of crazy when she rides (she'd fail a bike-sobriety test). She rarely sits when she rides....she's usually standing on the pedals, getting the most force out of them....she got far ahead of us today and I did see her sit down, but I think it was only because she wanted to see how far she could go without peddling, feet straight out to the sides.

Sarah doesn't mind lagging behind. Today she told me, "I like the trail because of nature, and because you can really think about things when you're riding". She takes her time, listening to the different bird sounds and stopping to pick the ripe black raspberries along the trail.

I love learning from them. Man, I have a great family!!

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JK said...

You have two awesome kids Gretchen =)

love ya guys, praying for you and thinking about you often!