Sunday, July 16, 2006

A sophia moment

I had a great Sophia moment that I want to try to hang on to....She and I were alone in the swimming pool, and I decided to try to sit on top of the innertube...which is not an easy task.

After a few tries I thought I had it...when suddenly I flipped completely over backwards. When I came out of the water I heard the sweetest, purest, most joyful laugh from Sophia...I don't really know how to adequately describe it....but it just made me think that I'd like to do more things with her just to hear that laugh and see the look on her face when she's laughing like that.


erin said...

awww.. she is too cute Gretchen! Your story brought tears to my eyes - aren't kids GREAT!

Heather W said...

That's so great to hear! We miss you guys. Can't wait to see you at the Ward wedding! Luv you.

Drew Hibbard said...

That hat rocks. It's one of the best hats ever.

It looks like you're raising Sophia right.