Saturday, August 19, 2006

Todd and I saw "Love Song for Bobby Long" last night. John Travolta plays a washed-up, alcoholic, former English professor who is waiting for his protege to write his life story.

There's a scene in the movie where he starts a conversation with a young couple on a bus, asking them about his looks, if they can tell he had a broken bone in his face, if he's still attractive, reminded me of Todd's dad, who broke every bone in his face in a car accident several years ago, and once introduced himself to one of our friends by saying, "I used to be a good-looking man". Todd's dad is classic. I appreciate him more every year...the loyalty he has for his family, the sacrifices he makes for those he loves.....he always knows a "guy" need a new/used car? He's got a guy for you....want to borrow heavy equipment, he's got a "guy"....recently when the mammoth tv he gave us broke, he found a guy with a trailer, a guy with a truck, and a guy to repair it for us.

Back to this movie...several times, when asked how he can be so confident of this or that, he says, "Because God knows me....and I know God". He had a "guy".

How can I have confidence in anything? Because God knows me....and I know God. I've got a "guy".

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John said...

it's not what you know... It's who you know.