Thursday, November 09, 2006

How much do I really trust God? I mean, it’s easy to say I do…to know in my head that He is worthy of my trust…but when I look at my day-to-day life, what do my actions say about how I view Him?

As a recovering control freak, I find this to be a recurring theme in my life and in 13 years of campus ministry. The more involved I get with planning and organizing and strategizing, the more I am forced to ask the question, “Am I doing this because God is leading me to do so, or because, ultimately, I’m not sure that God is going to come through so I’d better come up with a back-up plan?”

I started thinking about this again as we began to prepare for our Mexico Mission Trip December 30th – January 6th. As soon as we realized what the final cost would be, we immediately kicked into fund raising gear…thinking of plans and ideas and gimmicks to raise funds to help defray the cost for students…and although I applaud the effort and creativity…it leaves me wondering how often we cut God out of the equation?

God gets the glory when we trust Him with the big stuff...raising money, opening our friends hearts, healing relationships, moving mountains....but so often, I don't even ask...or I have my back-up plans just in case....

When's the last time I asked God to move a mountain?

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