Friday, December 08, 2006

The Ice Storm of 2006

We missed the tornado last year when we were on a Mission trip, so I guess it was only fair that we get the brunt of the ice hit Thursday night, we lost power at about midnight, and that was just the beginning.....

Things I learned from the Ice Storm of 2006:

The first 36 hours without power aren't so bad if you have a gas stove and fireplace...but 4 1/2 days without power and you start getting a little cranky.

It might be a good idea to trim the trees before they fall on your power lines.

Marshmallows over the gas logs don't brown quite as well, but they're still "gooey goodness"

Washing your face with ice-cold water is about as bad as it gets

Our digital thermostat only goes down to 40 degrees (maybe it was protecting us from the truth of how cold it really was).

Cleaning out your refrigerator is a good thing...who needs 3 open jars of salsa?!

We have some amazing friends - - The Green family fed us, let us do laundry, gave up their privacy and bathrooms and Anna's bed....

A generator and a chain saw might be good things to put on the Christmas list


Anonymous said...

glad you pulled through, hope the damage wasn't too bad besides the power.

Lindsey said...

WOW!!! thats insane how much ice is on that tree. I am so sorry to hear you had to live without power. I'm glad you are all ok! and I'm glad you had a fireplace!