Saturday, January 27, 2007

R.I.P. Cream Puff

Last night, while Todd and I were on campus, our beloved Cream Puff completed his/its lifespan. Apparently, he crawled out of his shell, into his food dish, and died. Sarah was devastated. Lots of tears. Lots of talks with Nana about death and good memories of our 5 months with Cream Puff, Sophia offered all the money in ther piggy bank so Sarah could buy another one.

Together, Nana and Sarah Jane wrote this poem...

Once there was a crab named Cream Puff.
He was quiet and white like a warm
winter muff.
One day in the summer, he went for a walk
How did he get
outside?? He just wouldn't talk.

He taught us about kindness
and love from within
When he died he came out to show us his skin.

Funeral arrangements are being made for this afternoon in the backyard.....


Janus Torrell said...

As one of the many bloggers that prayed for a missing Cream Puff at one point, I am sorry to hear about your loss.

a moore said...

@ was just speaking of Cream Puff the other day. One of his books has a hermit crab in and he points to it and says "Sar Dane", which is Sarah Jane in @. Sorry for the hardships at your house. We'll be praying for the girls.

Bradjward said...

:( I just lost a dear fish, Spike. It's a hard winter for all animals.

(PS my blog is back at a new address,! :)