Monday, February 19, 2007

I've been fighting a cold this week and finally gave in to it this weekend. I was supposed to play my violin at RCC, but knew I wouldn't get through 2 songs without a coughing fit or needing to blow my nose, so I stayed home and focused on kicking this thing.

Sunday morning the family went to church without me. At first, I was feeling really frustrated about not being able to worship with my husband at RCC, and not seeing my friends at church, feeling guilty about bailing on the worship team.....but as I settled in on the big red comfy couch, vaporizer blasting, fireplace flickering......I experienced something wonderful.



This is what is means to rest. Really rest.

How long has it been since you experienced total stillness and silence?

For me, it's been way too long.

I think it's time for a retreat.....


jeremy said...

I stayed in and watched 4 episodes of beauty and the geek on mtv.

Jen said...

A retreat?


It's funny you should mention that... I think there's one coming up the first weekend of March you might want to look into. :)

erinlizabeth said...

too long as well...

so, about that time on the big red comfy couch...