Friday, May 25, 2007

Saving the World

It doesn't take much....

...walking/riding your bike to work instead of driving

...bringing your own canvas bag to the grocery store

...buying food from local farmers

and the latest way I'm helping to save the world...

...removing Women's Christmas Vests from clothing circulation.

I confiscated 3 from the boxes and boxes of women's clothing that were donated for our sale. I'm the last one to throw anything away....but there is a time in everyone's life when you have to take a stand and do something to save your fellow man from making horrible fashion mistakes.


a moore said...

Thank you, that is 3 less Christmas vests that I'm going to end up with, given by some well meaning mother, aunt, grandmother etc. Thank you

The Blakes said...

AHHH HA HA HA! That is absolutly hilarious and I 100% degree...consider me your new recruit! Together we will fight the darkness of horrible Christmas in America and me in Thailand...wait...I'm in vests Christmas here...well, I'm fighting with you in spirit!

:) I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I popped over to see who won MY COOK BOOK! :) hehehe...totally a joke. And I'm so glad I did. I look forward to checking back...thanks for sharing!