Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First of all, the Adoption Trivia Night was a blast!! Anne Jakaitis worked so hard to pull this off for us, and it was a huge success!! My biggest fear wasn't about the numbers or the funds raised....it was that people would come and wouldn't have any fun. I'm fairly certain that wasn't the case for anyone!! Plus, over $1,200 was raised to help get us started with adoption costs! Thanks to everyone who came and played or brought food...and my mom who brought beautiful vases full of flowers from her yard....it was a great night!!

This week, CSF is the "Mission" for Vacation Bible School at Edinburg Christian Church. It's a great little church, just 10 minutes from Rochester. We took a group of great students there last night to help out with SonForce Kids...what a party!!

Prayer Request this week: Pray for Todd's doctor to write the letter we need for our adoption application....he's been dragging his feet on this for almost 4 weeks and it's brought this whole process to a screetching halt.

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