Monday, July 02, 2007

Things we love about Daddy on his birthday!!!

Daddy plays with us and he's really nice.

He can draw awesome super-heroes

He cleans the toilet when no one else wants to
He plays The Game of Life and Map Tangle and Herd Your Horses with us

He can finish amost any crossword

I think of a great campus minister with a plaid shirt and khaki pants

He's cute

He tries to do our hair and help us get dressed

He let's mom sit on the bike with the soft seat

He's always happy to see us

He's better than most other dads

He's about the funnest dad in the world

He's really strong

He likes to do family stuff with us

He can make babies and little kids laugh

He loves us VERY MUCH!!


Sunita said...

Happy Birthday !!! I have to add in there , he's a good brother and always there for me .... Love your sister!!!

Steph H. said...

Is Todd, by any chance, riding a stationary donkey at Wildlife Prairie Park in this picture?

gretchen lee said...

good call, steph! yep, it IS the Wildlife Prairie Park!!

dlaz said...

Happy Birthday Todd!!!!!

Matt W said...

Happy Birthday Todd! Sorry we're late. You know, the whole time difference thing...

We miss you both!

Jeffffffffffffffff said...

I see that superhero drawing just almost topped the list, what an awesome Dad!