Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day in Palestine!

We have a family tradition of heading to Palestine, Illinois every Labor Day to meet up with Todd's mom, sisters, grandad, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Very few of them live in the town of 900 (I'm guessing at that)....we come from Georgia, Wisconsin, Chicago, and beyond....all to enjoy the Pioneer City Rodeo and Labor Day Parade with our family. The whole weekend is about tradition...
Sunday Morning Cowboy Church at the Rodeo - Todd was preaching in Waverly, so we missed it this year, but we usually get our year's worth of Southern Gospel music

Sunday Afternoon Family Cook-out - Marsha makes veggie pizza every year

Sunday Night Rodeo - 20 tickets, in the first 2 rows...close enough to get splattered by dirt and be able to heckle Rudy, the Rodeo clown

Monday Parade - Uncle Bob sets the chairs up the night before...always on the shady side of the street

We don't really come for the Rodeo....or even the candy the Heath Factory throws out at the parade....all of us come because we've made a committment to this stay connected, to maintain relationships, to encourage eachother...

Sometimes, especially in the church, TRADITION is a bad word....criticized for being empty or out-dated. But, much like Labor Day in Palestine, I think traditions like Communion, Baptism, Liturgy...can help us stay connected, maintain relationships with God and eachother, encourage the Body....

I'd love to hear....What are the traditions that mean alot to you?

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Janus Torrell said...

I have worked with some of my business partners for 15 years now, and every year in June we celebrate my birthday (My birthday is in May but we like the warm weather.)

We have a massive cookout, small contest games, baseball and volleyball, swimming, and fireworks.

We invite everyones entire family and anyone else that they want to bring (as long as they let us know so we can get enough food.) Not only does it keep us friends but it makes friends from our spouses and kids.