Thursday, November 15, 2007

Adoption Update

So...if you've ever read an adoption blog, you know that waiting and more waiting and unexpected set-backs is par for the course. Our homestudy agency has encountered some problems from the State of Illinois...imagine that...and we got notice today that those difficulties could put our process on hold for 30 days or more. Children's Hope is being so great about it - - offering to help us find another agency to finish the homestudy so we can keep moving forward, and making sure we know exactly whats going on so we can make good choices.

We're trying to keep our eyes open to what God is the great and in the disappointing...pray for us and the decisions we need to make about the next step!


LISA said...

What's the deal?

chirodoc said...

Hey we are with Children's Hope in the Kazakhstan program. Had a long conversation with them today about their issues with DCFS. We are trying to decide what to do. E-mail me