Monday, December 17, 2007

Casualties of Max

This Week:
The straps off 2 of Sarah Janes's black dress shoes
1 pink boot
Baby doll's foot
Baby doll's head
2 pieces of sausage pizza bread
Sheep from Nativity
NIV study bible
Hand Sanitizer
Pink Highlighter
3 Mint Brownies
Sophia's new winter coat (he pulled the arm off)

And today, after freaking out and feeling sick all day because I had misplaced Todd's paycheck, we found it laying out with a big bite taken out of the corner....Todd's employer kindly re-issued the check.


Pete said...

That would have been so much funnier in 12-days-o-Xmas format. It's not too late to change it.

See you next week! Hope you bring the Max.

gretchen lee said...

wait till you see our Christmas letter.....

gretchen lee said...

oh, and can he stay at your place?

LISA said...

Ours got in my purse and ate my bills~