Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New things are sprouting every day at the Magruders...

This summer we tried our first vegetable garden. I had done alot of flowers in the past, but this was the first time for green beans, peppers, tomatoes, etc....Sarah Jane really enjoyed it, and is following in her Nana's green footsteps. This Fall she started collecting the seeds from the flowers (something Nana does wherever she goes...) so she could plant them in the Spring.

When we got done carving our pumpkins this year, she decided to collect the seeds, rinse and dry them, and save them for planting.

So a few weeks ago, I walked into our bathroom and was startled to see something sticking out of the overflow drain in the sink.

It was a pumpkin seed that had gone down the overflow drain and sprouted there! (See the opening for the overflow on the left side) Not only did it sprout, but it was a good 4 inches long...I hesitated sharing this with everyone, fearing it would reflect poorly on my housekeeping...but I'm not sure it could have been prevented!

I'm a little creeped out, however, about what it could have been growing in before we yanked it out.....

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LISA said...

That's funny!