Tuesday, January 29, 2008

8 Things....

One of my adoption-blogging friends, Misty, tagged me to write about 8 things.....I don't know how interesting it will be, but here goes....

8 Things I'm Passionate about
my husband, Todd
Being a mom
Living in Community
Becoming more like Jesus
Loving Jesus with college students
Learning to live simply
God's heart for the fatherless

8 Things I Want to do Before I Die
Give away more than I keep
Visit my brother and his family in Indonesia
Sing back-up for Caedmon's Call...or Waterdeep...or some other cool folk-rock band (a girl can dream, can't she?!)
Learn how to make/like/order coffee
Live in a maintenance-free house
Memorize the New Testament
Get up-to-date on my scrapbooks
Live in another country

8 Things I Often Say
DROP IT!! (again, directed towards Max)
Sit. Staaayyyyyyy. Good boy.
We're finishing our homestudy; then we can apply for grants
Oh, Crack!!
How often are you nursing your baby?
Do you wanna write this down?
Sit on your bottom, please (teaching table manners)

8 TV Shows I Recently Watched
American Idol
Biggest Loser
Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Today Show
Trading Spaces (Paige Davis is back!!)
Jon and Kate plus 8
Take-Home Chef
Celebrity Apprentice (yes, I confess....but now that Gene Simmons is gone, there's no point)

8 Songs I Never Tire of Listening To
Rescue - Desperation Band
Monster Truck - This Train (this is the theme song to our marriage)
Hope to Carry On - Rich Mullins (or anything else by him)
Handel's Messiah
Sara Groves - - anything by her
Andrew Peterson - - the whole Behold the Lamb of God album
Wicked Soundtrack
Anything my husband is singing....Mmmm...I love that voice!!

8 Things that Attract me to my Friends
The fact that I am related to some of the best ones
Going through hard things together
Being able to "pop in", no warning required
The unimportance of "stuff"
The importance of Jesus
generosity - - with time, money, mercy...
the love of NPR

8 Things I Learned in 2007
Amharic is the official language in Ethiopia
How to increase a woman's milk supply
I can't jump rope without peeing my pants
What a Dossier is
My husband really DOES like dogs!
How to plant a vegetable garden
Sophia has a beautiful voice
Sarah Jane is a better piano player than I ever was

I'm tagging Amanda (she'll need a break from unpacking boxes), Christi, and Sunita, and Lindsey, who is new to the blogging world!! Have fun!


Bradjward said...

I had to write 101 wishes for my leadership class last night. Very tough!

Misty said...

Love the backup singer comment! Great list..thanks for playing!

Amanda and Andrew said...

Your jumping rope comment made me snicker. I realized some similar things this year! :)

Paul and Deedra said...

Surprising how much I relate to so many of your answers! It is so fun to meet great Christians, who are fun and real and ready to change the world!