Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Homeland Security

Well, we got our fingerprints done by Homeland Security in St. Louis on Friday!! The girls were pretty excited to go through the metal detectors, and Todd, Sophia and I even got a very special "wanding" from one of the 3 armed guards at the entrance!! I wished I could have taken a picture with our new armed friends, but, no cameras allowed. We were in and out in about 20 minutes, and decided to head to the St. Louis Zoo for a free afteroon!

I've got to say that even with the warmer weather and no snow, Friday at the park was pretty chilly. I wondered if there would be any animals out for us to see, and worried if these sculptures would be the only ones!!
The penguins and the apes were a big hit....but I was glad it was free to get in, because I was ready to head home after a couple of hours!

No more news on the homestudy/DCFS front, but I'm hoping to get ahead on some of the paperwork this week....oh, wait...while we also get ready for the semester to start on Monday...AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Feeling a little overwhelmed this week, but excited about doing life with som amazing college students this Spring!!


Kristin Jarrett said...

Cute family! Despite the cold, still looks like you had fun : )

LISA said...

Brrrr!!!Your a brave woman!
Glad you got your prints done and out of the way!

Misty said...

Yeah for fingerprints! One more hurdle down!!

Diana & Bob said...

Armed Guards! We went to a run down old store front building behind a Sam's Club. No security. I don't remember a metal detector either.