Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I love my family

This blog would be funny if I had some great stories about how dysfunctional my family is, that crazy uncle, or all of the drama that happens with adult siblings and their spouses......but I don't know how we lucked out.....I LOVE MY FAMILY.

Had a great talk with my brother, Ben yesterday....I don't know if I laugh as hard with anyone else on the phone as I do when I talk to Ben....

My brother, Jon, stays in touch through blogs and email since his family is in SE Asia. He picked a winner of a girl to marry, and I get lots of "crunchy" input and ideas from them.

Pete (along with his lovely astronaut wife) has to be the most creative one of us....I think that's because mom and dad love him most and gave him all kinds of opportunities the rest of us missed out on...:) If you haven't done it, check out his independent music (mostly christian) podcast or his most recent video homage to enjoying junk food (pretty much what our family is all about.....and note that the Cocomotion hot cocoa maker was gift from his big sis)


Amanda and Andrew said...

How does one get an astonaut spouse? I must've missed that sign up sheet. :(

You sound like you have a great family! My brother's a journalist and we keep in touch mostly through emails...speaking of-I should email him.

Pete said...

You did miss out on a lot. A lot of alone time ... on a farm ... without siblings, who went away to college and never visited. So I had time to make my little radio shows ... and weep.

Thanks for the niceness, favorite sister (according to mom and dad).