Sunday, April 27, 2008

Consumer Reports.....

Since we're STILL waiting on DCFS for our final home study approval and there's nothing new to report, here are a few things I thought I could share in the meantime:

Has anyone else found this new, extra big detergent bottle to be really messy? I tried storing it on it's bottom....detergent leaked down the side into a nice puddle on the top of my dryer....I tried leaving it on its side, and now I have detergent smeared everywhere...on the jug, on the dryer, etc. I'm an educated woman, and no stranger to basic why is this so difficult??

If you haven't yet, check out Owlhaven's Frugal Cooking Carnival. You can see some of her menu ideas and click on Mr. Linky to see links to other bloggers who took the challenge. It's gonna require some work and organization on my part, but I'm exciting about cutting our grocery budget by going back to cooking healthier, cheaper meals instead of so much of the processed, packaged stuff.

This week I also found a new website called Money Saving Mom. I'm not great at keeping coupons organized and actually remembering them when I shop, but if it's an amazing deal, I'm there!! So she gives a heads up about amazing deals, coupons, offers.....and this morning, I bought a box of Honey Bunches of Oats with Chocolate clusters for -.02

Yes. Free. She linked to a $2 coupon, and the price at Super Wal-Mart was $1.98. Woo hoo!!


John said...

hi Gretchen! It was great to see you at trivia night last night! After reading your blog that refers to cooking again, I think we should get together. Much to my surprise, one of my favorite parts of being a SAHM is the cooking/meal planning. Our crock pot gets used several times a week. Even outside of cooking I'd love to get together sometime. When are you most available?
Shannon Wentz

Owlhaven said...

Thanks for the mention!

Mary, mom to many

Don't Mess With Mommy said...

Yes, that new Tide bottle is a nightmare. Last time I purchase that. Sorry your home study is taking so long. Thinking of you.

b-dizzle said...

Sorry about the home study. We're prayin for you guys!

We got a shock yesterday when we opened the good ol SJR and read that Vietnam had closed down their adoption program with the US. CHI tells us it's just 'rumor', and that they have not heard that this has happened yet. But it's been looking like it will for awhile so we are feeling like it's just a matter of time. Please keep us in your prayers. I know our God is bigger than all of this and He has taken care of us up to this point and He will continue to do that! Hope to see you at church this weekend!


Annie said...

Thanks for the great tips!

Here's hoping that things move along for you soon :)

LISA said...

Gretchen,Wish I'd read your post on this before i bought it.I used it for the first time today! Uggh!But, I thought it was just me,so I'm glad you posted!

jen said...

Ug! I did not want to hear bad things about that Tide bottle. I use their other gigantor bottles, and I love them...but the new one is bad? What is a bargain-loving, Tide-using girl to do!?!