Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shopping Blues

After about 5 hours, 7 stores, and 3 days of shopping for the perfect thing to wear to my sister-in-law's wedding, I finally realized the reason I couldn't find anything that looked good is because I'm FAT.

Thankfully, all eyes will be on my beautiful sister-in-law, Sunita. Sunita was just a little girl when Todd and I got married. Sunita was born in India and totally stole Todd's heart when she became part of their family. He loves telling the story of how his dad drove to O'Hare to pick her up. They didn't have car seats, but he put her in a laundry basket on the floor of the car!

Sunita is one of the sweetest people I know and very crafty...she's an awesome sister-in-law and aunt to our girls. And, she's just one of the reasons we are so excited about adoption!

I'm so happy for Sunni and Andy. Todd looks forward to adding another sports-loving man to the family...and we're praying that God will do amazing things with their marriage!


Jodi said...

I hate shopping for clothes, too... makes me want to crash diet, but ... that never works, SO - I guess I just have to be happy with what I've got and praise God that I am healthy. Hope the wedding was/is wonderful.

Amanda & Andrew said...

I had that realization about clothing too ;)

I'm sure you'll find something. :)