Monday, June 23, 2008


You know how things can get a little routine after awhile in a relationship? You just sort of go through the motions without even realizing it? You may be totally committed, but it just gets stale....Well, this summer I've been trying to re-learn how to connect with God. Reading my bible, journaling, even praying, come pretty easy...but listening to God....really HEARING Him has been hard.

This weekend I went to check out a Prayer Labyrinth in town, and I realized a few things:

*I can't hear God when there's too much static in my, busyness, laziness are all things that can keep me from hearing God.

*God wired me in a certain way, so that I experience Him in a way that might be different from you...I hear from God through music, or through nature. If I want to hear from Him, I need to be intentional about including those things in my life.

*God doesn't always speak to me on command. My job is to listen. My ears need to be tuned in and ready to hear from Him, whether he decides to speak or not.

So, I'm re-connecting with God...learning to recognize the voice of the Shepherd.

How do you hear from GOD?


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Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

Well, thats a hard one. I know Ive been stubborn about acknowledging God when it is something that I either dont want to do, or something that is out of my comfort range. But my preacher was hinting every week about getting involved and it weighed heavy on my heart, so I finally called the church, which is not like me as I am kind of an introvert, and volunteered in a couple of different areas. The first day I went, I simply asked God to please make me feel welcome and comfortable. Wouldnt you know it, that on that very day, His divine appointment set up for me was to be working side by side with a wonderful fellow mom from the church WHO ADOPTED HER 2 CHILDREN from Russia!!!! What were the chances of that? So we instantly had adoption in common and never stopped talking. That is how I know it was God. Sometimes it isnt until later that I really really realize God has intervened in such a way. I trust Him completely with the adoption plan and He is truly amazing!