Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blog recommendations...

Okay, I know you're out there....sitemeter tells me so! You check this blog regularly...and probably 5-10 others, so I know you've got some favorites....but to prime the pump, I'll share some of the blogs I subscribe to (alot of them are already listed on the left sidebar...check them out!!).

Mom/Family life
Rocks in my dryer - This chick has the funniest real-life stories...and she loves Jesus, which is pretty sweet!
Crockpot 365 - She posts 1 new crockpotting recipe every day!
Mary from Owlhaven - 10 children from 3 countries, homeschools, gardens and cans....yet reading her blog doesn't make me feel like a loser...nice....
The Meals We Make - a new blog by moms who are trying to provide inexpensive, healthy meals for the family!

Swerve - Craig Groeschel and Bobby Gruenewald share ministry/leadership wisdom
Jump for Joel - wanna see what a group of college students can do when they decide to do what God asks? Oh, and they're my friends, too
Church Marketing Sucks - challenging the Church to not be such dorks

I'm sharing these deals with the understanding that you WON'T beat me to CVS Pharmacy and buy out the entire shelf of sale toilet paper....I hate that....leave a little bargain TP for the rest of us!

The Centsible Sawyer - Deals at stores like CVS and Walgreens, as well as other money-saving tips
Money Saving Mom - speaks for itself....

okay, I read a billion of these and many are in the sidebar, so there's not enough room to post them all....but one family is in Ethiopia right now, journaling the trip of a lifetime to get their little boy...
Soli deo gloria

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MommaHughes said...

Thanks for the shot out!!! I am going to be posting some recipes soon on The Meals we Make. It is great to see that there is someone out there who cares! ;) Cute blog by the way. I think we'd make great friends. :)