Saturday, August 30, 2008


We've gotta have the best jobs in the whole world....working for Christian Student Fellowship keeps us pretty busy, but the pay-off of getting to meet so many cool college students who are finding their way back to GOD is totally worth it! Friday night was our Fall kick-off with a free meal for students at 6pm, followed by a worship and bible study time at 7. Though it was Labor Day weekend and lots of students went home, we still had almost 60 college students there - - and I was incredibly proud of our returning students, who really stepped out of their comfort zones and welcomed all of the new students in.

I was teaching, and I decided to preach from a Mind-Mapping format instead of typical notes....even scarier, I decided it would be easier to just preach from my online project , rather than paper notes. Great idea, but I had panic attack when I got to campus and realized that I could no longer get on campus internet - - and my entire sermon was online!! A quick trip to the UIS Tech Support Superheroes, and they had me up and running in no time!!

I took a picture of the group for you to see what a good-looking bunch they are....if you look closely at the bottom of the picture, you can see my laptop open with my Bubbl talk open on the screen

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