Monday, September 15, 2008


This weekend, we packed up and drove to rural Clinton with a bunch of college students for the CSF Fall Retreat...left behind the laptop, turned off the cell phone, and spent some time listening. THANKS to those who were praying for our weekend! Usually, I'm consumed by things like:
  • planning a menu and doing the grocery shopping
  • fretting over the students who drop out at the last minute
  • writing campfire devotions or other bible studies
  • making snacks for free time
  • worrying about relationship drama between students
  • watching the weather channel (like that helps anything!)
It poured down rain for much of the weekend, but we had some great teaching by John Wentz, had an amazing group of students who went, had alumni cooks who handled all the food (thanks Hannah, Tad, and Erin!!), and man, God did some great things!! So, how do you unplug? Do we have to wait for another retreat to experience that again?

A little bit of mushy trivia....the big bridge at Little Galilee is where Todd kissed me for the first time when we were in college....awwwww.....


Anonymous said...

uh...unplugging in our house is a bit crazy! But I would say for me it's when I get away to Panera or a bookstore for a bit with my journal/notebook and spend some time writing and being creative. God tends to bring things to mind best in those moments.

Michael T said...

Hurricane Ike made us involuntarily unplug over the weekend. I kind of liked it - but it drove my 21-year-old crazy. Maybe I'll have to arrange that again sometime ...

And congrats on being a blog celebrity!