Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hunger and Homelessness

We've had a great week on campus and I've been so proud of our college students as they've taken a large role in the University's Hunger and Homelessness week. Inspired by Melissa Sandel's team at Westside Christian Church and with the building skills of Lindsey's grandad, we created a replica of a shanty like those found in the slums of Nairobi. Students and faculty were invited to walk through the hut get a taste of what people live like in some of the poorest parts of the worlds. Students also created an art exhibit of moving photographs and essays from our Kenya trip this summer. Jump for Joel was able to recruit sponsors for several of the orphans in Gathiga, and we heard tons of comments from people who were moved by the exhibit.

Our students worked SO hard - and it totally paid off as we could see people begin to realize that the small sacrifice of $15/month can totally change the life of a child in Kenya. I love doing ministry this way - different students using their gifts and abilities together in order to do something bigger than they could accomplish on their own.

We were also grateful for some good press from the Univeristy here and here.

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Stephanie said...

Sounds like a neat fundraiser! Congrats to your students for their success.