Thursday, February 26, 2009


Several people have asked how Sarah and Sophia are doing since we've been back with Selah...and honestly, they've been amazing. Seriously, just about every day I have to tell them how incredibly proud I am of how they've handled everything. From Selah throwing Sarah's American Girl Doll into the bathtub, to Sophia agreeing to let Selah sleep with her every night for the last week....they've been generous, patient, and extremely loving!

So since Selah's had extra time on the blog lately, I thought we better update with some pics of all 3 sisters...

Special thanks to our friend Loni for the great t-shirts.....and also to Aunt Amanda, Uncle Jon, and cousin Atticus for the letter magnets and Word World dvd...big hits!!


The Williams Family Blog said...

I know you are not reading this right now...kudos to you(-: Anyway, hope you have a great Easter and love the pics of the girls!!!

Anonymous said...

THANKS for sharing the pics of the girls in their shirts...too cute! I can see you made them fit :) How lucky they are to have each other!