Monday, March 09, 2009

The Making of an American Girl

Friday was Selah's first day in 1/2 day Kindergarten!! Before we went to Ethiopia, we figured we'd keep her home this Spring and just let her learn English. But after we met our social butterfly and saw her language explode in a month's time, we decided that doing 1/2 days would be a great compromise - letting her get used to school and get some good instruction, but also giving her time at home with mom for bonding.

She was thrilled with her school experience, and came home with a picture drawn by one of her new friends....a little crayon drawing of a brown stick figure and a yellow stick figure holding hands in the cute!!

Today she insisted on riding the bus with her sisters. Sophia was sick with an ear infection, but she offered to ride the bus with Selah and let me pick her up at the door of the school and take her to the doctor after Selah was settled in her classroom...Day 2 was just as good, so we're feeling good about the decision.

My brother, Ben, and his family came this weekend from Ohio, my brother, Pete, and his family and my parents from Bloomington all came for the Christian Student Fellowship 15th Anniversary Celebration Dinner. It was so nice to have them there, and the cousins had a blast playing together and swimming at the hotel. We've known Selah loves water, but we're pretty confident she's never been in a pool - when we told her we were going swimming, she was a little concerned about whether the fish in the pool would bite! She had a blast, and now when we drive past the Crown Plaza, she doesn't understand why we can't go swimming!


Missy said...

Such a cute video!!

Karen said...

She is speaking so well! It's amazing how fast she is learning!

Nico said...

I'm glad Selah's enjoying school, and I'm actually glad you guys chose to enroll her in morning kindergarten. So late in the school year- that's surprising that you guys decided to do that. Next stage- 1st grade in the fall?