Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sophia had her first musical theater audition for the Muni in Springfield. I was SO proud of her - she had just gotten back from the Spring Break Mission Trip and only had 1 day to learn "Consider Yourself" from Oliver (there were kid parts for Oliver and Fiddler on the Roof). It's a whole new could tell the kids who had done this before....they were the ones wearing the black dance shoes, or the 9 year olds wearing make-up, or the kids wearing t-shirts from other shows they had been in with the "inside joke" nick-names on the back...

We got to watch the kids while they learned the song and dance together...and then they were taken into a room with the director where they had to do the song and the same time...alone!! Well, Sophia didn't get called back, but she learned alot about auditioning, so I think the next time will be lots easier!

I also think our newest member might be preparing for a career in the theater....


*Special cameo appearances by Sarah "creepy stalker" Magruder and Ginger the Guinea Pig