Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Show Hope

Saturday night Todd and I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Steven Curtis Chapman/Michael W. Smith United Tour Concert in Peoria. Several years ago, SCC and his family started Shaohannah's Hope (Show Hope), a ministry to help families adopt by giving out adoption grants. We were recipients of one of those grants, so they asked if we could help out.

The first person we met at the concert was Emily Chapman - Steven's daughter. What a beautiful young woman. She works for Show Hope and it was awesome to get to know her a little bit over the course of the evening. As we were getting our instructions, I saw Geoff Moore walk up behind her...and I started giggling on the inside like a little girl - - Geoff Moore!!! Foundations....A place to stand.....some great songwriting! He came right up and put his arm around Todd and I kept thinking, "is there anything you can say to a celebrity and NOT sound like a total loser??

We were excited to get pictures with both guys after concert. It was nice to be able to thank SCC in person for the grant - we gave him a family picture, and he said he'd take it and show it to Mary Beth - - and for some reason - - I believe him. Maybe it's because it's SCC and I own 8 of his cd's....or because Todd sang one of his songs to me at our wedding...it was a great night and had me flashing back to the 90's all night!!

We were also excited to see our friends, the Hillrichs, and their beautiful family - - hope to hook up with them and their 2 Ethiopian beauties sometime this summer!!


CWestlake said...

I absolutely LOVE Steven Curtis Chapman! His song Cinderella is so beautiful. So jealous you got to meet him in person!

Jarretts said...

How awesome!! Dave was sitting next to me when I pulled up the pictures . . . he was SO jealous . . . you know how much of a SCC freak he is : )

Gretchen Magruder said...

Oh, Dave, he said to tell you hello!!

I LOVE YOU said...
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愛莎Cherry said...
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