Wednesday, July 08, 2009


We went to a wedding this weekend - a good friend getting married after a painful divorce a few years ago. It just got me thinking about how gracious God is.

Sin is never part of God's this case, divorce and bitterness and betrayal that was never part of the original deal. But it's played out almost every day in our house, too - choices of selfishness, laziness, disrespect and disobedience- never part of God's plan. There are consequences. No more fruit snacks if you don't throw away the wrapper. Time alone in your room if you can't get along with your sister. If I live like a sloth, I amazingly have 20 extra pounds to drag around.

But one thing we're learning around here as we learn about consequences is also about forgiveness. We have a rule at our house that if 2 sisters are fighting (yeah, I know), not only are apologies required, forgiveness is also required. When that happens, the fight is over. The issue is done. No more bickering or arguing about it. No bringing it up later to hurt someone's feelings. There may be consequences, but they are to teach us a lesson, not to continually drag out our sin, renewing the shame and hurt....

God acts in much the same way. God is a god of Do-Overs. We get a 2nd chance. He doesn't hold our sin over our heads, punishing us daily with a lifetime of shame and regret. There are consequences for our choices, yes, but we don't have to look at disapproval on his face every time we encounter him.

It was beautiful to see God blessing this new marriage.

Clean slate. New life. Do over.

Thank God.

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emily louise said...

I am a big fan of the Do-Over myself. BIG fan. :)